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Global-scale problems
World peace and development
Population, food, and welfare of elderly society
Regional development and city planning
Global economy and business management
Origin of space and history of civilization
Individual, organization, and network
Creation and application of new technologies
Biological information and computing in the next century
Creative teaching and learning
Transfer of cultures and technologies
Philosophy, language and culture

Innovative development in computer technologies, beginning in late 1980s, has a potential to drastically change the nature of communication and computing, and thus to transform the domains of simulation and gaming studies and their applications.

Japan Association of Simulation And Gaming (JASAG), consists of scholars, businessmen, and educational practitioners throughout Japan, aims for a significant progress of the interdisciplinary approaches as well as the science and technology. The Association forms both domestic and international networks for scholarly communication. Acknowledging that simulation and gaming approaches may transcend boundaries between humanities, social and natural sciences, members of the Association are expected to further develop simulation and gaming approaches, and to create foundations for various research projects and applications.

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Activities and Functions

1. Annual Conference

Every fall, the Association organizes Annual Conference for exchanging ideas on simulation and gaming approaches, open for educators, scholars, businessmen, and other related organizations and companies. Together with symposium, workshops, and experiential sessions, the Conference offers useful information for potential members who seek to explore simulation and gaming approaches.

2. Symposium

Themes of the Symposia include urgent and/or insightful issues. Through the Symposium, discussants from various simulation and gaming approaches attempt to provide comprehensive evaluations on current research issues as well as on applications of recent development in science and technology. Every spring, the Association organizes a Symposium in Tokyo, in commemoration of annual JASAG Awards.

3. Subdivisions

Subdivisions of the Association attempt to examine themes that require continuous explorations. Members can participate in any of subdivisions depending on their interests and research topics. Further, the Association calls for proposals for creating new subdivisions.

4. Regional Subdivisions

Regional Subdivisions are for promoting scholarly communication and for creating human networks. They hold meetings several times a year.

5. Seminars

The Association organizes monthly seminars in order to promote interactions between scholars and organizations (industries) related to simulation and gaming. A seminar stimulates the participants by mutually sharing current issues on software and systems for simulation and gaming.

6. Distribution of Journal

The Association publishes a journal, Simulation & Gaming, for members. Members can submit papers. As this journal includes papers on simulation and gaming approaches and related academic discussions, members can familiarize themselves with current state of Japanese scholarship.

7. Distribution of International Journal

As Japanese chapter of International Simulation And Gaming Association (ISAGA), JASAG distributes Simulation & Gaming: An International Journal to the members. Members can submit papers for this journal. Through this journal, members can update on recent trends of simulation and gaming approaches internationally.

8. Newsletter

Newsletters offer current issues on simulation and gaming for the members. Various postings by the members contribute to create human networks. Also, information on meetings and other occasions is distributed via the Internet, postcards, or fax.

9. Presenting JASAG Awards

Acknowledging the members’ contributions for studies on Simulation & Gaming, the Association annually presents awards such as JASAG Prize, Prize for Academic Excellence, and Prize for Research and Design Excellence.

JASAG in brief

JASAG was promoted in 1988, and founded on January 21, 1989. In July 1991, JASAG hosted ISAGA ‘91 in Kyoto, JAPAN. JASAG is a member of the Science Council of Japan.

Organization (Term: April 1, 2001 to March 31, 2003)

President: Rei SHIRATORI, School of Political Science and Economics, Tokai University

Vice-president, Research Affairs: Kiyoshi ARAI, School of Project Management, Chiba Institute of Technology

Vice-president, Publication Affairs: Arata ICHIKAWA, School of Economics, Ryutsu Keizai University

Vice-president, Secretary General, ISAGA 2003: Fumitoshi KATO, Faculty of Environmental Information, Keio University

Vice-president, Secretary General: Taro YUZAWA, Foundation for the Fusion of Science and Technology (FOST)

For inquiries, please contact:

Japan Association of Simulation & Gaming (JASAG)

c/o FOST
1-4-24, Hiyoshi-Honcho, Kohoku-Ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa, 223-0062 JAPAN