Yamazaki, Yoshihiro                              Japanese

Post: Professor of Economics, Fukuoka University, Japan

Degree: Doctor of Economics, University of Tokyo, Japan


Social Activity:
   Chairman of Fukuoka City NPO/Volanteer Center's steering commitee
   Chairman of the Kasuga Municipal Shirohzu Elementaly School's
steering commitee
   Director of NPO Fukuoka

   1988 Graduate from Department of Ecconomics, University of Tokyo
   1993 Graduate from the Graduate School, University of Tokyo
   1995 Assistant Professor, Fukuoka University
   1997 Associate Professor,
Fukuoka University
   1999 Visiting Researcher of Duke University, U.S.
2001 Professor, Fukuoka University


 He majors in theoretical economics, especially macroeconomics. He is very well-known for his interesting lectures and kind instructions. He also delivers addresses, seminars and courses all over Japan, which cover such broad themes as NPO, CSR, management of condominia, investment, business strategies, business planning, review of economic novels etc. He has published many books for people, too.