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LDAP user to find: Yigarash [auth.php:187]
LDAP Server: ldap:// [auth.php:190]
LDAP Filter: (&(uid=Yigarash)(objectClass=posixAccount)) [auth.php:200]
LDAP user search: Success [auth.php:202]
LDAP search at: ou=People,dc=econ,dc=fukuoka-u,dc=ac,dc=jp (&(uid=Yigarash)(objectClass=posixAccount)) [auth.php:203]
LDAP search found single result ! [auth.php:230]
LDAP group search: Success [auth.php:277]
LDAP search at: ou=Group,dc=econ,dc=fukuoka-u,dc=ac,dc=jp (&(objectClass=posixGroup)(|(gidNumber=1125)(memberUID=Yigarash))) [auth.php:278]
LDAP usergroup: yigarash [auth.php:297]
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